The Last Sentinel

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Published by: Thomas & Mercer
Release Date: August 9, 2022
ISBN13: 978-1542038928


From the celebrated author of The Last Protector comes an action-packed sequel about a man whose duty to his country threatens the life of the woman he has vowed to protect.

Ex–Secret Service agent Clayton White doesn’t miss the relentless danger that defined his career. These days, he’s enjoying life at sea with his fiancée—who also happens to be the daughter of the double-dealing vice president, Alexander Hammond. But for the most part, Clayton has made peace with his old nemesis.

Then their ship, the NOAAS Surveyor, comes under attack. That same day in Miami, the Second Lady of the United States is assassinated. Hammond, who dodged the bullet meant for him, calls upon Clayton to help him hunt down the responsible party.

Clayton wants nothing to do with the notorious vice president, who boasts a violent and capricious history. But with his fiancée’s life in the balance, Clayton has no choice. He jumps back into the fray, where he’ll face off with enemies new and old. And unbeknownst to Clayton, a deep-rooted enemy has been waiting in the shadows and has now set his sights on him.

This time, it’s not just the world Clayton’s trying to save—but the woman he loves.


"The numerous action scenes are depicted with precision and authority, including technical details of armaments and vehicles. Gervais's action-packed odyssey of a righteous American Everyman continues in fine fashion."

Kirkus Reviews

"Action-packed, fast-paced and containing audacious attacks by a resolute adversary, The Last Sentinel is an excellent thriller that proves the age-old adage: revenge is a dish best served cold."

—Steve Netter, Best Thriller Books