The Last Guardian

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Published by: Thomas and Mercer
Release Date: October 10th, 2023
Pages: 304
ISBN13: 978-1662510762

In this thrilling installment of the Clayton White series, the former Secret Service agent must sift through layers of deception to uncover the truth behind the FBI director’s assassination and avert a global catastrophe.

Fighting the fentanyl epidemic in the United States is a top priority for President Alexander Hammond, and there’s only one man he trusts—however begrudgingly—to lead the task force: former Secret Service agent and soon-to-be son-in-law Clayton White.

Once reckless in his line of work, White is now determined to keep his future in mind. He and his fiancée, Veronica, are expecting their first child, and there are some risks White is no longer willing to take. But when his investigation into the Red Dragon Triad drug cartel appears to lead to the assassination of the FBI director, White is forced to put his life on the line to find out who is behind the attack and what they’re planning next.

Amid a series of secret identities, betrayals, and terrorist plots, Clayton White must join forces with allies he’s not sure he can trust to save the country he’s sworn to protect and the family he’s vowed to love.


“[Clayton] White’s third thrill ride spans the globe, unfolding in Monaco and Switzerland as well as China and Washington, and benefiting as much from its numerous surprises as from its expertly choreographed action scenes. A brisk globetrotting thriller with abundant tension and a timely premise.” Kirkus Reviews

The Last Guardian has no shortage of head-popping action and it’s rife with gritty moments that give pause to readers in the middle of the explosive fast-paced narrative. Simon Gervais just doesn’t miss.” —Kashif Hussain, Best Thriller Books

“Simon Gervais delivers another pulse-pounding, blood rushing, race against the clock thriller that will keep you in suspense and leave you winded. Electric and absorbing, The Last Guardian is another must read from the venerable Simon Gervais.” —Steve Netter, Best Thriller Books